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Albert Bridge in London

Travel Photo: Albert Bridge in London

Albert Bridge in London stands out from the others. It’s delicate, fanciful in it’s colours and old.

During my 2008 visit to London, UK, one Sunday morning, I woke up very early and took a trip to Battersea Park. The goal was to walk through it and make my way to Brompton Oratory for Sunday morning Mass service.

Wandering along the shore of the Thames River, I came across one of the prettiest bridges in London.

Engineering History

Albert Bridge in London, with pink and green hues making it stand out, is one of the older bridges in the city. It’s a road bridge that was built by Rowland Mason Ordish in 1873. It was upgraded with elements of a suspension bridge in 1884 and 1887.

I took this photo as I neared it before crossing over to the Chelsea area. In recent years, it has been outfitted with colourful LED lights which make it look even more spectacular at night (from the photos I’ve seen). The bridge is slowly degrading due to structural issues and the ravages of time on materials. It may not last much longer. There have been measures taken to limit vehicle traffic in recent years.

This bridge is worth the visit during the day or at night for a piece of engineering history.

This photo of Albert Bridge in London was taken in July 2008.


  1. Great Picture,
    I have a fascination with bridge design and architecture. Some of the most beautiful are in Europe. One of my Faves is the Rio Antirrio in Patra Greece.

    (I may be bias).


    • Christine – I checked out that bridge in Greece. It’s spectacular! I have to agree, that some of the most amazing bridges are in Europe. I always marvel at the ingenuity of the engineers and builders.

  2. London sure does have interesting bridges!

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