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high park in the winter

Toronto’s High Park in the Winter

Toronto’s High Park in the winter is a vibrant place – full of birds, small animals (squirrels, beavers) and people, sharing the white landscape, icy ponds and streams and trails.

Looking back at some of my previous photos, I came upon those that I took while visiting High Park in December 2010. Although I had spent my first ten years in Etobicoke and High Park was an occasional destination, I hadn’t visited for many years. The scenery had changed quite a bit, mainly because all that seemed so big to me when I was a kid, had shrunk a bit as I had grown up.

high park in the winter

I remember taking the “train” around High Park – this sign has seen better days.

The huge hill that I remember tobogganing down was now much smaller and with a hedge breaking the perfect route for a sleigh. The historical attraction, Colborne Lodge, however, was as impressive as always. This cottage reminds visitors that the park lands once were considered a country retreat, when the city of Toronto was much smaller.

The one thing that hadn’t changed was the beauty of this park, even in winter-time.

high park in the winter

Wild grasses – I took this dreamy photo when there was just a bit of wind.

high park in the winter

Reading the inscription on the gravesite of John George Howard – the man to donated the land for High Park

If it weren’t for John George Howard and his wife, who in the late 1800s donated their country property to the City of Toronto, we wouldn’t have the High Park we enjoy today. A visit to the park warrants a stop at their gravesite for a quick prayer and a thank you.

high park in the winter

One of the local residents at High Park

How to get there:
The best way is to take the TTC Subway to High Park station and walk south of Bloor Street. Entrances for cars are located on the north side at Bloor Street; off of Parkside Drive on the east, and from south at Queensway at Colborne Lodge Drive.

Have you ever visited High Park in the winter? If you’ve visited, what’s your favourite part of the park and activity you enjoy doing?




  1. Love High Park! Lucky for me, I work closeby so I get to visit often :) My favourite is when the cherry blossoms are in season during the Spring – so pretty!

    • You lucky gal! I’m sure it’s a great place for a lunch-time walk to stretch your legs. I haven’t been in spring-time since I was a little kid. I’m hoping we’ll have time this spring to take photos during the cherry blossom period.

  2. Your photos are gorgeous. The one of the little squirrel is just adorable — did you have a long lens or did he let you get close up?

    • Thank you Colleen! I was using a Tamron 18-200 mm zoom lens for these photos, so I was able to capture that cute squirrel without him running away. It’s my starter lens that I got with my Nikon D90 a few years ago, and it still is a wonderful lens to work with today.

  3. I love love love High Park! We usually do the hike around the perimeter (along the pond, through the woods, etc.).

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