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Cocktail Supplies in Canada

Resources For Bar Tools and Cocktail Supplies In Canada

Cocktail culture is a trending thing in North America. But the question is – where can you find quality bar tools and cocktail supplies in Canada? As Adam McDowell writes in his book Drinks: A User’s Guide, we are now living in a golden age of cocktails. More home bar carts and basement bars include the good stuff. Fancy glassware ...

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winter cocktails

Five Delicious Winter Cocktails

The Holiday season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy winter cocktails during the next few months. Winter is a time for cocooning and home entertaining – if you have guests over, it’s always great to have a few delicious winter cocktails that you can prepare. So you may have received a fancy bar tool set with ...

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Black Dog Pub in Bayfield

Review: Black Dog Pub in Bayfield, Ontario

What to do when visiting Bayfield (Bluewater), Ontario along the shores of Lake Huron? People watching! Trying to guess who is from Toronto can be a fun past-time as you spend some time in this tiny village just off Bluewater Highway. The “historic Main St” is an old fashioned drag with cars parking like sardines, perpendicularly on either side. In ...

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Visit Kentucky

Visit Kentucky: Bourbon Country

It’s not often that I get to visit Kentucky… but when I do, I do it well! Jim Beam is one of my client’s brands. I handle public relations for Beam Suntory in Canada and am lucky to have an opportunity to work with some amazing brands, including this delicious-tasting bourbon. I recently had an opportunity to visit Kentucky and ...

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House of Bols Atomizers Amsterdam 620x330 - The House of Bols experience in Amsterdam

The House of Bols experience in Amsterdam

When touring Amsterdam, my top recommendation for anybody who is of a legal drinking age is the House of Bols experience. Last fall I had the pleasure of visiting Amsterdam for work. At that time, I was coordinating a media and bartender trip to the House of Bols, for my clients Beam Canada and Bols. Having grown up seeing Bols ...

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