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Lowville Park

Lowville Park: A Quiet Spot For A Walk

Lowville Park, in Lowville, Ontario – a tiny town just north of Burlington, Ontario – is a secret gem of a park that runs along Bronte Creek. It’s nestled between Guelph Line and Walkers Line, and lies just north of Britannia Road.

If you blink, you miss it. You need to make a swift turn off of Guelph Line as it curves around in Lowville.

Lowville Park

Walking along the trail and Bronte Creek

Walking Along Bronte Creek

We visited Lowville Park many times. One memorable visit was during a cool autumn day with blustery winds. A few brave souls, including a couple stripped down to just their light sweaters for an engagement photo shoot, wandered around the park.

Lowville Park

On a summer’s day, it’s full of people. The trails here are along Bronte Creek and take you into wooded areas. It was our luck that we chose a time when most of the leaves were on the ground, and the salmon were making their final swim in the creek. The only downside was that the fish were also dying along the banks so the stink was sometimes unbearable.

However, the views were delightful and colourful. The creek meanders around with the trail right beside it. For those who love taking photos, this spot offers some beautiful scenes. It’s no wonder it’s so popular with engaged couples for photo sessions.

Lowville Park Is A Fun Spot For Kids

It’s an easy and fairly short walk around Lowville Park. You can take the kids along as there aren’t any dangerous escarpments or cliffs. Bring comfy walking shoes or hiking boots as some areas have exposed roots.

The playground with swings and slides is the ideal pit stop for kids at the end of the hike.

In the winter, Lowville Park is the setting for the annual Lowville Winter Games, where families get together to enjoy the outdoors. Organizers put on various activities such as tobogganing, skating, games and sitting by a fire while sipping hot chocolate

Lowville Park

One lone leaf on a tree, hanging on

Lowville Park in Burlington, Ontario

Lowville Park - a spot to rest by Bronte Creek.

Have you ever visited Lowville Park? What’s your favourite time of year to explore this small park north of Burlington, Ontario?


  1. We went there today, Excellent place, we got a beautiful spot near the water. Went down into the wsaters as well and believe it or not, drank from it too. Nice views. Play area for kids as well.

  2. Glad you had a great time there Nasir – not sure about drinking the water from the creek though. I agree, it’s a gorgeous spot for the family and kids to enjoy.

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