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Barron Canyon in Algonquin Park

Visiting the Barron Canyon Trail in Algonquin Park

The Barron Canyon Trail in Algonquin Park, located in northeastern Ontario is one of the most beautiful natural spots in the province. If you have a bucket list for travel in Ontario, it should be in the top 10 on your list.

Most of us living in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario have visited the southern part of Algonquin Park along Highway 60. Unlike those who live in the Ottawa region, few Southern Ontarians have ventured into the northern part of the park.

Whatcha waiting for people? It’s a must-visit when touring this province!

Experiencing the Barron Canyon Trail

During a visit to the Petawawa area one summer, we did a short trip to the northeastern section of the park. About an hour’s drive from Petawawa, the Barron Canyon in Algonquin Park is one breathtaking spot. A short, easy hiking trail leads you up to the cliff’s edge.

The views from the Barron Canyon trail are amazing. So photo worthy! However, one wrong step and you may end up 100 feet at the bottom of the canyon or in the Barron River.

The lack of guard rails along the canyon cliffs makes this not the ideal spot to visit with little, unruly kids. On the flip side, photographers will love the unblemished natural landscape.

Barron River in Algonquin Park

Taking a risk at the edge – that’s one huge drop

Barron Canyon Trail in Algonquin Park

Steep cliffs and beautiful viewpoints at Barron Canyon, Algonquin Park

A Slice of Geological History

This area of the park is dominated by conifers and you can see them all around you and on the other side of the canyon. The Barron River was once a main glacial meltwater outlet and lies on a fault line. The rocks are part of the famous Canadian Shield that we all learn about in elementary school geography classes.

The Barron Canyon River is great for canoeing enthusiasts. The summer season is the busiest for traffic on the river. There are several access points along the Barron Canyon Road.

We spotted one couple enjoying the natural scenery from the river. I whipped out my camera, and making sure I didn’t drop it, snapped the photo you see above.

For hikers like us, the trail is a bit of a climb at first but very much worth the effort when you reach the top. Wear comfortable hiking shoes or boots as some spots are steep and rocky, requiring good treads. Flip flops are definitely a fashion faux pas in this environment as you can easily slip on the trail or at the cliff-side.

Barron Canyon Trail

Exposed rock cliffs at Barron River Canyon

The two things we noticed about this trail was that it was extremely quiet. Not even a quiet hum of cars or planes in the distance.  Secondly, the fresh, pine-scented air is so clear. Take a few deep breaths to take in the lovely scents of the woods.

Truly a great spot to visit for some communing with nature.  So again, I say – whatcha waiting for?

Have you ever hiked the trail at Barron Canyon or paddled the river via canoe? Share your comments below. 

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Exploring Barron Canyon in Algonquin Park, Ontario