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Suburban Tourist becomes plural – officially

You may have noticed a little hiatus when it came to blog posts recently. For those who are friends, family and following this blog on Twitter and Facebook, you know the reason why.

Suburban Tourist Margaret (that’s me!) has married Outdoor Adventurer Frank. And so, we are officially now suburban tourists, living in Burlington, Ontario (for the time being) and plan on many outdoor adventures this summer.

However, before we begin exploring Ontario once again this summer, we’ll share our England and Scotland honeymoon adventures with you – from places to visit, hotel reviews, ideal spots for photography and tour reviews.

Two lines that came to mind recently:

“A couple that travels together, stays together.”

“A couple that hikes together, stays together.”

And so, as we start our life’s adventure together, we’ll be traveling and hiking together. Most importantly, we’ll share it with you, our readers.



  1. Congratulations to both of you! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in England and Scotland.