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Walking Trails in Burlington, Ontario

walking trails in Burlington

Did you know you can pretty much walk from one end of Burlington, Ontario to the other? I found out recently that if you want to go for a long walk, you can do so – all you need to do is hit the walking trails in Burlington.

We live by a beautiful wood lot – Sherwood Forest Park. I drive by it on my way to and from work. A few days prior to our walk, I spotted white foliage dotting the fresh green carpet that had sprung up in a matter of days. It was Ontario’s official flower – the Trillium.

hiking trails in Burlington

Exploring Sherwood Forest Park

Walking along the neighbourhood streets with my husband Frank, we decided to push ourselves and head into Sherwood Forest to do a bit of exploring. As Frank knew the area quite well, he led me into the wood lot. Everywhere on the ground were wild spring flowers. Yellow Bellwort, Carolina Spring Beauty and white and red Trilliums.

Once through this part of Sherwood Forest Park, we reached the trail that spans most of Burlington, ending near the downtown core that connects up with the Waterfront Trail. We walked along it a bit to join up with the northern part of Sherwood Forest Park and smaller, wooded trails.

walking trails in Burlington

walking trails in Burlington

Walking trails in Burlington

These unofficial trails take you alongside Sheldon Creek, a natural waterway that meanders its way through the park.  Walking here is a treat for your feet as the soil is not too hard-packed. A few roots and rocks mean you must pay attention to where you are going, but it’s a simple walk compared to the more rugged hiking trails at some GTA Conservation Areas.

walking trails in Burlington

walking trails in Burlington

Walking trails in Burlington

Taking a moment to pause, you hear the not-to-distant hum of cars on the QEW.

Eventually you end up at another walk bridge and a view of the CNN bridge. Here GO and VIA trains rattle past on a regular basis. You can see a glimpse of the graffiti that decorates the bridge underneath. The trail ends here and you must turn back.

Walking Trails in Burlington Get You Going

Our brief early spring walk was a nice break from busy work lives, home renovations and other activities that kept us busy throughout the winter. The walking trails in Burlington are a mere minutes away for many residents in this city. We wanted to take advantage of the wonderful green space around us.

We’ve committed to exploring Sherwood Forest Park, other parks and trails around us more often. There’s the trail that runs across the city that is on our “Bucket List” for Burlinton.

TIP: Sherwood Forest Park also offers fields for other activities including baseball, rugby and soccer. Tennis courts are available for those who want to play. Parking is available.

To learn more about other trails in Burlington, check out the city’s website for details.

How often do you explore trails found close to home? 

Photos: All photos taken with my iPhone 5s and modified with a variety of photo editing apps (Snapseed, Litely etc.)

Until next time!

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