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Fine Dining Etiquette – Infographic

When I was in Grade Seven, during a class trip to Quebec City, we learned about proper fine dining etiquette including when to use certain types of cutlery and glassware.

Some of what was taught was what I had learned at home from my parents and grandparents. They taught me the European way of holding a fork in my left hand and my knife in my right.

Most of my fellow students used their right hand for the fork and really didn’t know into which hand the knife went. Yet, there were many other things that I didn’t know – all the extra knives and forks that were placed before me were a mystery. Which one to pick up for the salad? Which one to use for the entree?

Fine Dining Etiquette and Tips

We did learn all the basics, but it’s been a long time since Grade Seven. I found this fine dining etiquette infographic on Daily Infographic and couldn’t resist re-posting it here. It’s one of the most comprehensive and best-displayed examples of what the etiquette is for fine dining (aka, eating at restaurants that don’t have a uniformed teenager serving you over-salted fries).

Many of these tips can be applied to any dining situation: you will look cultured while “chowing down.”

Now get out there and do some fine dining!

fine dining etiquette

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  1. We had an etiquette workshop at a conference a few years and I still use it … your left hand makes a “b” for your bread plate and your right hand makes a “d” for your drink/glass. I still use it :)

  2. Do you happen to remember the where you did this in Quebec City. I want to arrange something like this for my kid’s school but am finding it hard to locate in the Internet. I too did something like this in grade school and it was quite memorable. Thanks!

    • Hi Julie – it was so many years ago. Who knows if they still do this. I think it was Chateau Frontenac at their restaurant, but I can’t be too sure.

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