Gayle Labuz

Interview with Outdoor Enthusiast Gayle Labuz

There are “mom bloggers” and then there are moms who are “outdoor lifestyle bloggers” – writing on favourite activities that make them the women they truly are – not just ...

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find inner peace in nature

How I Find Inner Peace In Nature

For many, meditation and prayer is a route to finding inner peace. For others, sitting quietly in a room devoid of distractions is the best way to achieve this state. ...

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Winter north of Toronto

Exploring the Winter North of Toronto

The last time we had so much snow on the ground in the Greater Toronto Area during the Christmas season was a long time ago. Remember the snow storm of ...

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Exploring Beaver Valley

Exploring Beaver Valley and Old Baldy Conservation Area

If you wake up very early – and I mean at 5:30 a.m. crack of dawn early – on a Saturday morning, and leave the house at about 6:10 a.m. ...

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Travel Photo

visiting roman baths

Travel Photo: Two Ducks Visiting Roman Baths

Any old city or town in the UK has its historic sites that require at least one visit to get an understanding of the history of the country. Visiting Roman ...

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Distillery District Toronto

Travel Photo: Distillery District in Toronto

Sometimes you can play tourist in your own backyard. A few years ago, my husband Frank and I visited the historic Distillery District in Toronto. The Distillery District was once ...

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Bozo Beach in Cabarete

Travel Photo: Bozo Beach in Cabarete, DR

Sometimes the best photos are taken on a early morning walk on a quiet beach, with other fitness-minded folks strolling on the sand. This photo was taken just at sunrise ...

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Tiffany Falls in Ancaster

Travel Photo: Winter at Tiffany Falls in Ancaster

We have visited Tiffany Falls in Ancaster several times and I’ve shared my photo of the falls surrounded by the brilliant colours of autumn. During a cold winter, Tiffany Falls ...

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