Ribfests near Toronto

Summer Events: Ribfests near Toronto

Juicy, succulent… fall off the bone… savoury and spicy ribs will soon be here. Ontario Ribfests are an annual tradition that can’t be ignored, if you are a carnivore like me.  With several ribfests near Toronto over the summer period, you have more than one opportunity to enjoy great food. With summer vacations and escapes on everybody’s mind, for those who want to go to at least one Ribfest, it’s good to plan ahead. I’ve ...

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Tea rubbed salmon recipe

Recipe: Tea Rubbed Salmon

Cooking with loose leaf tea can be a very interesting experience – and a tea rubbed salmon recipe is a good place to start. I’ve never tried making a meal with a tea rub, however, when I had a chance to try out Alokozay Canada’s FBOP (Flower Broken Orange Pigou – aka pekoe) black loose leaf tea, I decided to be adventurous. I was approached by Alokzay’s social marketing agency with this opportunity to enjoy ...

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Tickets to Medieval Times Toronto

Giveaway: Tickets to Medieval Times Toronto

“A long time ago…” Whenever a story begins with this phrase, I think of the Middle Ages. Courtly love, knights jousting and ladies in flowing dresses are some of the images that come to mind. I’ve always been fascinated by this time period, and wondered how people lived then – how they went about their daily lives, what they wore and how they ate. Until a time machine is invented, the best way to experience ...

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Starkey Hill Trail

Hiking the Starkey Hill Trail in Spring

Just before Victoria Day weekend in 2013, we had the itch to get outdoors. After a miserable and long winter, we decided to get some fresh air by hiking the Starkey Hill Trail near Guelph, Ontario. The last time we had been on this trail it was summertime – the trees were in full foliage and the ground and bogs were fairly dry. During the spring time, its quite different. The first thing I realized ...

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Aribnb Marketing Campaign

New Airbnb Marketing Campaign is Visually Stunning

Marketing a travel brand can have its pitfalls – I’m looking at you Trivago with the messy looking spokesman. However, the new Airbnb marketing campaign, that launched in November 2014, has taken a page out of whimsical ads and campaigns by companies such as Cadbury and Chipotle (The Scarecrow) and created an entertaining and informative new video. Putting my marketer’s hat on, I reviewed this with a critical eye – and I love it. I’m ...

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Lacc nail polish review

Lacc Nail Polish Review

This Lacc nail polish review happened because I won a Valentine's Day prize package from Addicted - an online magazine run by a blogger friend of mine - Mark Munroe - and his team of fellow bloggers. Lucky me!

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