Exploring Ontario

high park in the winter

Toronto’s High Park in the Winter

Toronto’s High Park in the winter is a vibrant place – full of birds, small animals (squirrels, beavers) and people, sharing the white landscape, icy ponds and streams and trails. ...

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Ontario Wind Farms

Favourite memories from Summer 2012

Today is the last day of summer. With a nip in the air each morning, the sight of trees beginning to change colour and the need to wear a sweater ...

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things you see on the road in Ontario

Road trips in Ontario: Five things you will see on the road

Sleeping during road trips in Ontario, in my opinion, is a big no-no in my books. Particularly when the road takes you through some of  the province’s most beautiful landscapes, ...

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Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville

Visiting Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville

The Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville, Ontario is a 332 hectare area, along the shores of the Orangeville Reservoir, managed by the Credit River Conservation Authority.  As it’s not ...

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protecting your dog from ticks

Protecting your dog from ticks and Lyme Disease

About two years ago, I learned and wrote about how enjoying the outdoors has its risks when it comes to ticks. While the stories about Lyme disease, spread by tick ...

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walking trails in Burlington

A Spring hike: Walking trails in Burlington, Ontario

Did you know you can pretty much walk from one end of Burlington, Ontario to the other? I found out recently that if you want to go for a long ...

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Gayle Labuz

Interview with Outdoor Enthusiast Gayle Labuz

There are “mom bloggers” and then there are moms who are “outdoor lifestyle bloggers” – writing on favourite activities that make them the women they truly are – not just ...

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Travel Photo

walking in amsterdam at night

Travel Photo: Walking in Amsterdam At Night

When in Amsterdam… the nightlife calls you. A few years ago, myself, my client and our media and bartender guests were walking in Amsterdam at night, passing by lit stores ...

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Holyrood Abbey ruins

Travel Photo: Holyrood Abbey Ruins

The romantic Holyrood Abbey ruins at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh are a stark reminder that time and historic events can destroy the most beautiful buildings in the world. Holyrood Abbey’s ...

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visiting roman baths

Travel Photo: Two Ducks Visiting Roman Baths

Any old city or town in the UK has its historic sites that require at least one visit to get an understanding of the history of the country. Visiting Roman ...

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Distillery District Toronto

Travel Photo: Distillery District in Toronto

Sometimes you can play tourist in your own backyard. A few years ago, my husband Frank and I visited the historic Distillery District in Toronto. The Distillery District was once ...

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