Parque Colon in Santo Domingo

Travel Photo: Parque Colon in Santo Domingo

Parque Colon in Santo Domingo (Columbus Park in English) is the main square in this Dominican Republic’s city’s historic zone. It sits alongside the long Calle el Conde, which is a pedestrian-only street, full of shops and cafes. The square is a meeting spot for many to relax and feed the numerous pigeons, or to chat with friends. In the centre of the square, not seen here, is a statue of Christopher Columbus. The building in this photos is the first ...

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Lighthouse in Kincardine

Travel Photo: Lighthouse in Kincardine, Ontario

Nestled by the shoreline and hidden somewhat by an apartment building is the old lighthouse in Kincardine, Ontario. Built in 1881, the lighthouse served as an important part of the then booming fishing and shipping industry on Lake Huron. It’s the only lighthouse on the Bruce coastline that is set so close to the main “downtown” area. The tower sits on the lighthouse keeper’s two-story home. In the past the lighthouse keeper would walk up the 69 steps twice daily ...

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Reasons to visit a farm - horses

Five Reasons Why You Should Spend a Day on a Farm

I’m up close and personal with Leroy the llama. To clarify – as close as he will allow me. Leroy doesn’t like to be touched, so all I can do is hold out my hand to let him sniff it and snort a bit of his snot all over it. His soft gaze is entrancing. He’s handsome, with his big eyes, soft-looking mouth with the glimpse of a toothy grin occasionally showing. A piece of grass is stuck in-between his ...

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Coloring Book with Pencil Crayons

How to relieve stress through adult colouring books

If you happen to wander into a Chapters bookstore these days, chances are you will find a table with an adult colouring book display.  The reason is that many seek to relieve stress through adult colouring books, spending time focusing on something creative and fun and completely different from daily life. With so many stressful jobs out there, I bet pencil crayon sales are up… When I was little, my mom would often come home from work with doodles made ...

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Fall Hiking at Hilton Falls

Hiking the Bruce Trail Near Hilton Falls

With legs feeling like jelly, quivering from exhaustion, and my ankle joints in pain, I kept on climbing over limestone rocks and tree roots on the Bruce Trail near Hilton Falls. I was hiking a section of the Iroquoia area of the Trail just east of Hilton Falls Conservation Area with my husband Frank. With it being Fall, the trail was covered in leaves, slightly damp from dew and a light rainfall from a couple days before. At the start ...

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Places to visit near Owen Sound

A road trip: places to visit near Owen Sound

We thought we had explored every part of southern Ontario (anything south of Sudbury), but it seems that we just found a new area for future road trips. There are many places to visit near Owen Sound, a city of about 21,000 residents, located on an inlet of Georgian Bay. On Labour Day weekend  in 2012, we headed out on a mini-day trip. My husband Frank woke me up early and we were hopping into our car in the wee ...

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