Suburban Tourist does walking tour of Santo Domingo

Walking tour of Santo Domingo

All you need for a walking tour of Santo Domingo is a guide book with a map and a good pair of walking shoes. A large bottle of water tucked into your travel handbag is a good idea too. This is what I had with me during my one day, self-guided walking tour of the city’s historic Zona Colonial on a hot sunny January day in 2009. I’ve been going down memory lane lately, reviewing my old photos from this ...

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#SiponSummer Two Oceans Wine

Summer Sipping with Two Oceans Moscato Wine

Can I tell you how much I love Spring and the early Summer period? The temperatures are perfect for sitting on a backyard patio or deck and enjoying a glass of wine. The Canadian PR agency representing South African wine brand Two Oceans reached out to me with the opportunity to review Two Oceans Moscato wine – what perfect timing to #SipOnSummer! Moscato wines, made out of muscat grapes, are sweet – as sweet as most blush Zinfandels that are ...

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Whisky Woman

How I Became A Whisky Woman

It’s taken me a long time to become a whisky woman. Or whiskey woman, depending on where you are when reading this post. I’m part of that still somewhat exclusive club of women who like the “hard stuff”. Most statistics provided by whisky brands show that about 25% of women will drink whisky in some form or another (on its own or in a mixed drink) – however, this number is increasing as whisky, Scotch and bourbon become even more ...

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winter cocktails

Five Delicious Winter Cocktails

The Holiday season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy winter cocktails during the next few months. Winter is a time for cocooning and home entertaining – if you have guests over, it’s always great to have a few delicious winter cocktails that you can prepare. If you happen to be lucky to receive a bottle of Macallan whisky, you will definitely want to sip it, but did you know you can make some pretty fancy cocktails ...

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Bayfront Park in Hamilton

Trails at Bayfront Park in Hamilton

I’m in love with the trails at Bayfront Park in Hamilton. So impressed with the well-paved path and the beautifully laid out park that juts out into Cootes Bay, giving you a view of the marina, bay and more shoreline. Despite it being a chilly, late fall day, my husband and I decided to take a walk at this popular Hamilton park for a change of scenery. The brief drive from our town of Burlington took us through residential parts ...

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Reduce stress during morning commutes

How to Reduce Stress During Morning Commutes

At least once a year, there is a new report that speaks to the growing congestion of roads in North America.  Not everybody can take public transit to work. Although my current commute has me taking city streets for about 20 minutes, my previous job had me commuting for about 40 minutes on the highway. A public transportation commute would have taken at least two hours. For fellow drivers who choose the car to cut down on time on the ...

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