Coloring Book with Pencil Crayons

How to relieve stress through adult colouring books

If you happen to wander into a Chapters bookstore these days, chances are you will find a table with an adult colouring book display.  The reason is that many seek to relieve stress through adult colouring books, spending time focusing on something creative and fun and completely different from daily life. With so many stressful jobs out there, I bet pencil crayon sales are up… When I was little, my mom would often come home from work with doodles made ...

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Fall Hiking at Hilton Falls

Hiking the Bruce Trail Near Hilton Falls

With legs feeling like jelly, quivering from exhaustion, and my ankle joints in pain, I kept on climbing over limestone rocks and tree roots on the Bruce Trail near Hilton Falls. I was hiking a section of the Iroquoia area of the Trail just east of Hilton Falls Conservation Area with my husband Frank. With it being Fall, the trail was covered in leaves, slightly damp from dew and a light rainfall from a couple days before. At the start ...

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Places to visit near Owen Sound

A road trip: places to visit near Owen Sound

We thought we had explored every part of southern Ontario (anything south of Sudbury), but it seems that we just found a new area for future road trips. There are many places to visit near Owen Sound, a city of about 21,000 residents, located on an inlet of Georgian Bay. On Labour Day weekend  in 2012, we headed out on a mini-day trip. My husband Frank woke me up early and we were hopping into our car in the wee ...

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Phone camera or DSLR for hiking

A few kilometres hiking on a moderate or difficult trail while lugging around a DSLR camera can be a pain in the neck… especially if your camera has a heavy lens and the strap is fraying. Increasingly I debate whether to use the phone camera or DSLR for hiking trips, trying to figure out which will be the most useful while also keeping me comfortable. While many times I forgo the ease of a iPhone camera on our hiking excursions ...

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Port Credit, MIssissauga

Port Credit in Mississauga – Why You Must Visit

Like walking along a waterfront? Check. Like small, privately-owned shops with character? Check. Like many choices for delicious dining? Check. There are many things to do in Port Credit in Mississauga – it’s a favourite for many because it has a little bit of everything for everybody. From Scoops Ice Cream, which during the summer is packed with families, to Port Credit Marina which attracts sailors and boaters alike, Port Credit is one of the top areas in Mississauga to ...

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Ireland House in Burlington

History at Ireland House in Burlington, Ontario

Historic Ireland House in Burlington at Oakridge Farm is very special for one key reason – almost all of its contents on display are original. With approximately 90% having been previously used by the Ireland family, the furniture, décor and daily items make Ireland House a rarity in North America. This is one of the reasons why it’s a must-visit in Burlington. Our visit happened on a very rainy day as part of the #VisitBurlON media and blogger tour of ...

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