• Lacc nail polish review

    Lacc Nail Polish Review

    This Lacc nail polish review happened because I won a Valentine's Day prize package from Addicted - an online magazine run by a blogger friend of mine - Mark Munroe - and his team of fellow bloggers. Lucky me!

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  • Influential songs of my youth

    Influential songs of my youth

    I turned on the old clock radio, with its big numbers clicking over the time. The song on the radio had a driving beat, a synthesized melody and a woman with an amazing voice singing. “Sweet dreams are made of ...

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Tea rubbed salmon recipe

Recipe: Tea Rubbed Salmon

Cooking with loose leaf tea can be a very interesting experience – and a tea rubbed salmon recipe is a good place to start. I’ve never tried making a meal with a tea rub, however, when I had a chance ...

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Bitten on Locke Street

Review: Bitten on Locke Street

We were warned before hand, by the sales clerk at Ceylon Tea Bush - "When you enter the store, you get this most amazing smell", he said. He was true to his word. As soon as we entered Bitten on Locke Street in Hamilton, we were met with the scent of vanilla, sugar, cocoa, strawberries... your dream come true if you have a sweet tooth.

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Naroma Pizza in Burlington

NaRoma Pizza in Burlington

Our favourite Locke St, Hamilton Italian pizza place has opened a new location in my city, making it infinitely easier for me to add a few pounds to my hips via their mouth-watering pizza. NaRoma Pizza in Burlington is now ...

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Polish grzanki

Polish Grzanki – Delicious Snacks

There’s an art to creating a delicious, authentic Italian pizza. Nobody can dispute that. However, in a pinch, Polish grzanki will do to satisfy the craving for bread, tomato sauce, cheese and perhaps a pepperoni sausage. Grzanki (g-zhanki) are a ...

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Starkey Hill Trail

Hiking the Starkey Hill Trail in Spring

Just before Victoria Day weekend in 2013, we had the itch to get outdoors. After a miserable and long winter, we decided to get some fresh air by hiking the Starkey Hill Trail near Guelph, Ontario. The last time we ...

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hiking at Dundas Valley Conservation ARea

Winter hiking at Dundas Valley Conservation Area

There was just a dusting of snow on the ground – more in some places than others. Snow makes everything look a bit more magical, but even with very little of it, our first time winter hiking at Dundas Valley ...

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Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville

Visiting Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville

The Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville, Ontario is a 332 hectare area, along the shores of the Orangeville Reservoir, managed by the Credit River Conservation Authority.  As it’s not overly large and located outside of the immediate greater Toronto ...

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walking trails in Burlington

A Spring hike: Walking trails in Burlington, Ontario

Did you know you can pretty much walk from one end of Burlington, Ontario to the other? I found out recently that if you want to go for a long walk, you can do so – all you need to ...

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Travel Snapshots

  • Halfway Log Dump at Bruce Peninsula
  • walking in amsterdam at night
  • Holyrood Abbey ruins
  • visiting roman baths
  • Distillery District Toronto
  • Bozo Beach in Cabarete
  • Tiffany Falls in the Winter
  • Waag in Amsterdam
  • mountains of glencoe



  • 2Proper-way-to-photograph-your-legs-480x330
  • Misty morning in the country
  • Snapseed screenshot copy
  • Tips for Making Travel Photos Look Great
  • taking photos in restaurants
  • Bloggers and photographers

Accommodation Reviews

Couples Resort in Whitney

Review: The Couples Resort in Whitney, Ontario

This is a post by guest blogger Bruce McHendry, a mutual lover of the outdoors. Located just a few minutes from the east gate of Algonquin Park, the Couples Resort in Whitney, Ontario is a wonderful place to visit. Now ...

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International Apex Hotel Edinburgh bedroom sm

Review: Apex International Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland

When I travel to Europe as a tourist, and when I don’t want to splurge too much on accommodations, I like to look for a hotel that is clean, comfortable, affordable and within walking distance of all key attractions that ...

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Ambassade Hotel in Amsterdam

A Review of Ambassade Hotel in Amsterdam

This review of Ambassade Hotel in Amsterdam is based solely on my personal experience with no compensation provided by the hotel. Nothing beats staying at a great hotel when visiting a foreign country. Being a tourist can be tough on ...

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Review: I’m staying at the Holiday Inn

It’s been a little while since the Holiday Inn re-branded itself with a new logo and upgrades to their buildings and accommodations. Over the years, I, like many others, associated Holiday Inn with cheap but decent lodging. In my mind, ...

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