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Winter at High Park, Toronto

Travel Photo: Winter at High Park, Toronto

Playing urban tourist for a day and enjoying winter at High Park in Toronto, we were snapping photos.  This one – a photo of ducks swimming at Grenadier Pond at High Park, was one of my favourites. The bare trees reflected in the water create a funky illusion of black squiggles. Sometimes you can miss the magic if taking in ...

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Lowville Winter Festival

Highlights from the Lowville Winter Games

As part of this year’s Burlington Winter Carnival, the Lowville Winter Games was an opportunity for families with kids to get outdoors, enjoy the crisp air and do various fun activities. While the weather hasn’t cooperated this year, resulting in a lack of snow and slightly muddy, icy fields, Lowville Park was still a hot spot on January 29th. With ...

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Hamilton's Locke Street

Exploring Hamilton’s Locke Street

I’m in love with Hamilton, Ontario’s Locke Street! A recent visit to this street in the heart of Hamilton has proven to me that there are some fantastic shopping spots in this city, which is most often known for it’s steel plants. Even on a cool 12C, sunny day in November, Locke Street is busy with people walking on its ...

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kariya park in Mississauga

Kariya Park: Secret zen garden in Mississauga

Think you can’t find a quiet spot in the hustling-bustling sprawl that is downtown Mississauga? Drive by it and you may miss it. Located on Kariya Drive, the Kariya Park is a little hidden away zen garden right by the Sussex Centre. Styled after a typical Japanese garden, Kariya Park was opened in 1992 to honour Mississauga’s twin-city relationship with ...

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