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Cycle culture in Amsterdam

Cycle culture: why you are more likely to be run over by a cyclist than car in Amsterdam

North Americans can learn a few things from the cycle culture in Amsterdam and its residents. The first visible lesson is the benefit of cycling around a city and what that does to your waistline. During my recent visit, I noted that most people – young and old – were slim and fit. I felt like the lumbering, big Canadian ...

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canadians planning trips

Canadians planning fall and winter trips despite economic uncertainty

The travel bug must have bit many Canadians hard. It seems that we aren’t slowing down when it comes to making travel plans, even during winter months. I suspect that I will see an increase in colleagues and friends posting news and photos of trips to exotic, warmer climates this winter.  Feeling a bit of envy already… but not too ...

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japan tourism

Japan Tourism to offer free flights for foreigners

The UK Daily Mail newspaper recently reported that the Japanese Tourism Agency plans to offer free flights for foreigners to the country to increase tourism. Since the devastating March earthquake, tourism has plummeted, with a slight increase over the summer months. Those interested in traveling to Japan will need to fill out an online form including which part of the country ...

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Canadian travel trends

Canadian travellers get a temporary tax break on flights to the US

Good news if you plan to fly to the United States – it just got $32.60 cheaper! Several US Aviation taxes have expired meaning that airlines, like my favourite Canadian one – WestJet – are temporarily not required to collect them.Here’s a note WestJet (which has flights to 32 destinations in the United States), that was posted earlier today on ...

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