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Forks of the Credit River in Spring

Forks of the Credit River: A muddy spring hike

It’s been many years since I last visited Forks of the Credit River Provincial Park. Located in the Caledon, Ontario area, north of Brampton, the park is a favourite hiking spot for many in the region.

Frank and I decided to take a quick hike through the Forks of the Credit River this past weekend – our first hike of the Spring 2011 season. While the landscape is still dull, grey and devoid of any vibrant colour, it’s still worth visiting for a bit of exercise.

Our recommendation for those who hibernated through most of the winter (like me), is to skip a visit here until you’ve built up your endurance for the hilly terrain.  If you are part of a seniors hiking group, and in great shape due to ongoing outdoor excursions (like the ones we passed by on the trail – they were carrying hiking poles, hardcore hikers!), then go for it!

Forks of the Credit River

These hills look innocent enough, but there are many of them at the Forks of the Credit River. You will break a sweat.

This is a moderate hike at this time of the year, requiring enough stamina to deal with the hills and the mud. One poor gal who ventured onto the trail just as we were leaving it was walking in wearing Ugg suede boots with no support or treads – boy was she in for a surprise!

Forks of the Credit River

Gooey mud at this time of the year on the trails. I also brought home with me lots of dead grasses, seeds and burrs in my rolled up jean hems.

The trails are extremely muddy at this time of the year – note that you will need to walk sometimes off the trail to avoid getting your feet in mud past your ankles. Proper footwear with good treads is needed for going down the hills. You don’t want to slide down on your bottom in these conditions!

Forks of the Credit River

Frank hikes around the muddy trail.

If’ you’ve got the time and energy, it’s worth taking a long hike to where the actual forks of the Credit River are located. The location is quite a distance away from the parking lot, so plan for a few hours of walking. We didn’t get to this area this time around, but from past experience, it’s a beautiful spot.

About 24 km northwest of Brampton. Go up Highway 10 (Hurontario St.) to Forks of the Credit River, and follow through until you reach McLaren Road and the turn north. The Park entrance will be on the left (west) side.

More photos from our excursion:

Forks of the Credit River

Foundation ruins of an old barn that once stood on a hill at Forks of the Credit River.

Forks of the Credit River

Bare trees offer stark images for black and white photography on a cloudy, overcast day.


  1. We go there every year. It’s been very busy the last few times we’ve gone. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. We did! Next is another visit to Crawford Lake.