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Tips for blog posts

How I find inspiration: tips for blog posts

Mastering blogging is sometimes not easy to achieve, although there are many out there who claim to have found the magic formula for excellent blog posts. They often share their tips for blog posts that draw numerous pageviews and shares.

Despite blogging for the past few years, I continue to grow as a writer, blogger and photographer while at the same time balancing a job and life. Keeping my ideas and content fresh can sometimes be challenge.

So, how to get past “idea block” – a problem many face after a couple months of blogging (and sometimes after a few years of blogging), when the great ideas for blog content run out or you face blogging burnout. There have been many a blog post about this topic too with long lists of tips for blog content and how you can inspire yourself for future blog posts.

Tips for blog posts

  • Experience something new – a new trail, historic place, a museum exhibition, food, restaurant
  • Revisit old content – update old blog posts
  • Interview somebody you find interesting – they will share out your post with others
  • Read, read and read some more – save bookmarks to links for inspiring articles on any given topic that you like to write about via apps such as Evernote or Stumbleupon 
  • Track news and trends on topics you write about via RSS feeds, Flipboard, Zite, etc.
  • Follow news releases on topics of interest (great place to start is Canada Newswire)
  • YouTube and VideoJug offer a number of good how-to videos on travel, outdoors etc.
  • Vimeo is where you can find inspiring and beautiful films by serious amateur and professional filmmakers – e.g. timelapse videos etc.
  • Get friendly with PR/marketing contacts at companies with brands/services you like and find out what’s new

I find it also good to take a time out from blogging to reassess whether what I’m writing about is of interest to my readers. Is it too long? Does it have useful information? Does it inspire/inform/entertain? Does it create a reaction via comments? Is it highly shareable?

What are your tips for blog posts that inspire, entertain and capture attention?


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  1. I tend to blog about what interests me.