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Lacc Nail Polish Review

Lacc nail polish review

This Lacc nail polish review happened because I won a Valentine’s Day prize package from Addicted. It’s an online magazine run by a blogger friend of mine – Mark Munroe – and his team of fellow bloggers. Lucky me!

I normally do not spend too much time each week on my nails. I’m happy with a quick filing down so that my fingernails don’t rip my soft contact lenses. Once in a blue moon I’ll give myself a manicure. As for a professional manicure… it happens once a year due to time and a cost-saving practice. A simple weekly manicure and colour costs anywhere between $15 and $20 or more, depending on the salon.

Winning the prize package was a bit of a fluke. I never expected to win a set of four colourful Lacc nail polishes, but it was a lovely and timely surprise. On Valentine’s  Day weekend, I decided it was high time I pamper myself a bit and try one of the colours.

Trying Lacc Nail Polish: My Review

So I decided to do a Lacc nail polish review.

I read up on Lacc – la couleur couture. The brand has vegan, gluten- and paraben-free nail polishes that also protect from UV damage. They are toxic-free…. so if you happen to bite your nails, you’re protected from ingesting some crazy chemicals. Makeup and beauty products with natural, non-toxic ingredients are the best, in my book.

But does it deliver? Oh yes!  The nail polish works very well in colouring the nail with just one layer. I decided to try out colour #1941 – a rich, red delicious apple red. The contrast would look great with my winter white skin.

A bit of chipping at the tips because I didn’t use the Lacc topcoat, but the colour is lovely.

15945308093 b157195d09 z - Lacc Nail Polish Review

The tips chipping a bit because I didn’t use a topcoat, but the colour is gorgeous red.

For this Lacc nail polish review I decided to forgo a basecoat or topcoat because I didn’t have Lacc ones – it would have defeated the purpose of keeping my fingernails natural if I used another potentially toxic brand.

The nail polish goes on smoothly, with one coat being enough in most cases. A quick second coat just helped eliminate any spots where the polish was a touch translucent.

What I really like about this polish is two things:

  • The strong scent that you usually get with nail polish was very light – this means, it’s not headache inducing from the fumes
  • It dries fairly quickly with my nails being fully dry within about 5 minutes (after 2 layers)
  • It comes in a variety of classic and funky colours (check out the website)

Lacc nail polish review

Since I didn’t have a top coat, the colour has started to chip after two days. This can be due to the fact that I’m usually hard on my hands (all that dish washing, cooking, cleaning…. being a homeowner that strives for a clean house can be tough on having beautiful nails all the time).

Would I recommend it to others? Definitely yes. It would make a nice gift for a new mom who doesn’t have time to go out for a manicure.

The company is Canadian, based in Vancouver. I hope it does well here in Canada and internationally!

How to purchase: Lacc nail polishes are now available at Shoppers Drugmart stores across Canada. You can also purchase online at www.laccbeauty.com and check for local retailers.  Each nail polish retails at about $12.99.

Until next time!

Margaret Signature 1 Trimmed - Lacc Nail Polish Review

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    Teena in Toronto
    February 22, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    Love the colour!

    I’m hard on my nails so rarely get a manicure and I keep my nails short.

    It’s almost time for pedicure weather, though!

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