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Experiential Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Flower shops are always extremely busy in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, preparing bouquets of red roses. Restaurant reservations are booked up and movie theatres are always full. In the days leading up to this special day, people are walking hand-in-hand, stealing an occasional kiss.

They’re also looking for unique experiential gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that show their significant other just how much they love them.

Valentine’s Day ends up being quite an expensive occasion. For some it’s a nerve-wracking one as well. What to get your significant other? There are numerous gift ideas for Valentine’s Day but finding the right one is sometimes hard.

Going too cute can be perceived as tacky. Meanwhile opting for a bottle of perfume might seem like there wasn’t much thought put into it. Sexy lingerie might send the wrong message. It’s no wonder some people hate the holiday.

Unique Experiential Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes the gift of time spent together doing something out of the ordinary is more valuable a gift than a material one. An experience is more memorable than receiving an item.

My husband Frank and I brainstormed cool experiential gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that are romantic and thoughtful. We wanted to share them with you!

Outdoor Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  • Play at being an urban tourist with your significant other. Choose a neighbourhood you haven’t visited before and explore it together. Take your camera with you to take photos along the way. They will be a visual record of your memorable day. Stop in at a local cafe for a simple meal together, grab a coffee on the go. Do window shopping along the way.
  • Take a drive out into the countryside and go hiking in the snow.  A romantic hike in the snowy woods is a perfect way to spend time together.
  • Pack your knapsack with hot chocolate, your favourite cookies or chocolate, and remember to bring the birdseed. Some parks and conservation areas are full of Chickadees that would love to take a nibble of seeds from your hand. Remember to dress for the conditions.  Warm socks and winter hiking boots with good treads will keep you comfortable during your walk in the woods.
  • Go tobogganing and have a good time on the hills, holding on to your honey tight.
  • Do a photo walk together, taking photos of everything and anything. Take candid photographs your of love as he/she takes photos, or looks around for the next great shot. Print out the best shots and create a mini-scrapbook. It’ll be a nice memento of your time together.
  • Go skating! If your significant other doesn’t have skates, look to rent them. If this isn’t possible, a quick stop at a sports store to purchase a pair as a gift works as well.

Outdoor activities for Valentine's Day

Indoor Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes, it’s impossible to do the outdoor thing for Valentine’s Day. It can be inclement weather such as a snowstorm, or perhaps somebody has a cold. That’s when you switch to fun, unusual indoor activities.

  • Try your hand at cooking one of those tasty-looking dishes you’ve seen on Facebook. Keep it simple and with ingredients that are at hand or easy to pick up at the grocery store. Sometimes the best way to a man or woman’s heart is through their stomach. An A-plus for the effort of setting the table.  Make it more interesting by cooking together while listening to your favourite music. Who’s the chef and who’s the sous chef?
  • Break out the favourite games for two: chess, checkers, Battleship and many more. For competitive couples, this is fun, fun, fun!
  • If low-tech gaming is a snooze, there are many options with video games. Classic racing games are a great option. It may be a good time to find the guitar to Guitar Hero and see who still has the skills to play a few good riffs.
  • Slow dance. How rarely do we do this!
  • Try your hand at Karaoke at home. Some TV providers such as Bell (Fibe TV) in Canada offer music videos as well as karaoke. Bell’s Stingray music has a selection of different types of karaoke music with words. Wet your whistle with a glass of wine or whisky for a night of serenading each other.
  • Write love letters to each other and then read them aloud.
Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

We took a romantic walk at a local conservation area.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

What are your ideas for great Valentine’s Day experiences?

Until next time!

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This post first appeared in 2011 and has been updated.

LOVE. Outdoor and indoor experiential gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

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