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Best Mother's Day Gifts - Red Roses

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

There are new moms, moms of growing kids and teenagers, and empty nest moms. There are also moms who are grandmas. They all have different needs and they all have different wants. Sometimes it’s not easy to find the right Mother’s Day gifts. And so, I’m sharing my Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017.

Some people dread Mother’s Day. I don’t. I love this time of the year! After all, I’m celebrating the amazing woman who brought me into this world and raised me.

I also love that Mother’s Day celebrations fall in the Spring in North America. It’s the perfect time for flowers, lovely new wardrobe items and accessories (a pair of new shades is always a good idea). However, if your mom is like mine and has everything she can possibly need, you may need to delve into a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas that she may want instead.

I’m hoping to make it easier for you with this list of Mother’s Day gifts that I, as a mom, would love to get.

Perfect Mother's Day GiftsSephora Tough As Nails Deluxe Manicure Kit

So you give mom the day off and she decides to give herself a pedicure and manicure. This full manicure set is perfect for pampering at home. Including everything that she’d need to get the perfect mani and pedi, pair it nail polish in her favourite nail colour and you have a cute gift. Perfect for the upcoming sandal season.

Sephora Tough As Nails Deluxe Manicure Kit is available at Sephora, $25.00

Mother's Day Gifts

Umbra Aquala Bamboo and Chrome Bathtub Caddy

Continuing on with the day off theme, Mom can enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub with this caddy. It features a foldaway soap holder, a book support and wine glass holder. Mom can lay back and not have a care in the world. Made of bamboo wood, it’s sturdy and will last a long time. It has expandable arms it fits most bathtubs.

Umbra Aquala Bamboo and Chrome Bathtub Caddy is available at Amazon.ca, $55.00

Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

Sephora Both Eyes Shut Sleep Mask

So mom has had a morning/afternoon of relaxing and pampering herself. Perhaps she’s wanting a little nap? Too bright outside? No problem. She can slip on this mask and have a little snooze. What’s great about this mask is that it’s lightweight and it won’t press on your eyelashes. If you’re wearing mascara, this mask won’t smudge it.

The Sephora Both Eyes Shut Contoured Sleep Mask is available at Sephora, $15.00

 Perfect Mother's Day GiftsSterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Want to get something people will ooh and ahh over? I have a similar-looking Sterling silver pendant and have received many compliments about it. This Italian-made Tree of Life pendant and necklace is the perfect accessory for everyday style and reminds mom that her family is much like the tree – growing and changing.

Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant is available at Amazon.ca $26.79.

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’ve left getting your mom a gift for Mother’s Day to the last minute, don’t worry. You can still find and do things that will make the day special for her. Here are a few Mother’s Day gifts that are easy to purchase or make at home.

Perfect Mother's Day Gifts - wine

La Marca Prosecco

Because it’s always nice to start off your day with a delicious Mimosa made with bubbly Prosecco. Or to have a glass while you are enjoying a bubbly bath with the bath caddy (see above). La Marca is a premium Prosecco from Italy – a sparkling wine with a bouquet of golden apple, white peach and honeysuckle. The flavour is ripe citrus, with touches of minerality and toast. The finish is light, refreshing and crisp.

Served chilled on its own or in a cocktail like the Mimosa, it’s a welcome gift for a mom who enjoys a glass of bubbly wine when hosting Sunday Brunch or having a relaxing dinner at home. If you’re hosting Sunday brunch for your mom and giving her La Marca, make sure you have orange juice on hand to make her a morning Mimosa.

Available at the LCBO $14.65 / 750 ml bottle

Perfect Mother's Day Gifts - Flowers

Spring-time means florist shops are full of gorgeous flowers. Although roses are a favourite, you may want to opt for less expensive flowers for Mother’s Day. Carnations and daisies can last a long time in a vase with a bit of flower food that comes with bouquets. Tulips are in season but remember that they open up fairly fast. The other option is a basket of indoor plants that can grow for a long time.

With many grocery stores carrying florist sections within their stores, there’s no excuse to not get flowers or some sort of plant that your mom will like.

Her Favourite Meal

She likes your meat loaf? Or perhaps she’s a fan of BBQs? Give her the day off by cooking her favourite foods for her. Hand her a glass of wine and let her put her feet up.

Take it to the next level by setting the table with the “nice” plates and flatware. Break out the linen napkins if you have them, or use fancier paper ones. Doing a quick stop at IKEA, Pier One or Homesense, you can find some pretty tableware and decorations that will make the dinner or patio table look festive.

Remember, if you cook, you also clean up!

Sweets for a Sweet Mom

Bakeries, cupcake shops and bakeries in grocery stores always have something that you can get for your mom. Better yet, if you can make it, it’s even sweeter of a gift. Whether it’s a small cake, a berry-covered cheesecake or flan (a personal favourite) or cupcakes, something sweet is always nice to give your mom.

If your mom likes tea, pair your sweet purchase with a good blend and enjoy it together.

Sweet wines such as a moscato are also a great option… they are dessert in a glass.

What makes for the best Mother’s Day gifts in your opinion? Any other suggestions? 

This Mother’s Day Gift Guide was crafted by me with a bit of help from PR representatives for these brands. I was not compensated for this post. All thoughts are my own. And I’d be happy to receive any of these items as a gift! 

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017 - from flowers to Prosecco. A list of gifts she'll love.

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