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Tiffany Falls

Travel Photo: Tiffany Falls in the Fall, near Ancaster, Ontario

The Hamilton region of southern Ontario is a waterfall mecca for photographers. Tiffany Falls is one of the prettier waterfalls in the region. It’s also easily accessible via a short hike in the woods.

Located at the Tiffany Falls Conservation Area in Ancaster, Ontario, they receive many visitors on weekends.

We’ve visited this location at various times of the year during weekends and there’s always somebody there checking them out.

A short trip from Toronto, Tiffany Falls is a recommended stop when day tripping in the Hamilton area.

Beautiful Location Anytime of the Year

These falls are equally beautiful in any season of the year, especially in the winter. Photographers love this spot for engagement or wedding photos. There is always somebody posing in front of them.


The trail to the Falls is covered with roots and stones. Walk carefully! Wear proper hiking shoes or boots when visiting!

Photo taken October 16, 2011.


  1. Awesome picture! My stepson lives in Hamilton so I should check it out.

  2. It’s a beautiful spot. I imagine that it’s packed in the spring, summer and early fall with tourists and people taking engagement photos. Really pretty.

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