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Exploring the Ruins at Old Sarum, UK

Old Sarum

Before Salisbury as we know it was built, Old Sarum located just 5 km away on a large mound, was the seat of power in the early Middle Ages. Used as a centre of settlement in the area by Romans, Saxons and then Normans – who built it up with a stone curtain wall (the remains of which can be seen still), castle and cathedral.

Due to the lack of water in the area and little space on the hill, Sarum was moved to by the river where a new cathedral was built. This new settlement was New Sarum, which is known to us as Salisbury.

All that remains are crumbling walls and foundations. Visitors who love history and have a good imagination can bring to life in their minds what Sarum may have looked like.

You can see the spire of Salisbury Cathedral quite well in the distance from this hill. From where I was standing, if you turned right you could see Salisbury spread below you.

Visiting Old Sarum is easily done via a short bus ride from Salisbury. Adult entry tickets for a self-guided tours are fairly inexpensive at £3.70.

This photo taken July 2008.

A few more photos:

Old Sarum - the trail leading up.

Old Sarum - Cathedral foundation

The foundations of the old church – many of the stones ended up being used for the building of Salisbury Cathedral.

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