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Port Credit, MIssissauga

Port Credit in Mississauga – Why You Must Visit

Like walking along a waterfront? Check. Like small, privately-owned shops with character? Check. Like many choices for delicious dining? Check.

There are many things to do in Port Credit in Mississauga – it’s a favourite for many because it has a little bit of everything for everybody.

From Scoops Ice Cream, which during the summer is packed with families, to Port Credit Marina which attracts sailors and boaters alike, Port Credit is one of the top areas in Mississauga to explore.

A Bit of History

To understand why Port Credit is as it is, you need to look at its history. Situated by the Credit River, it was originally a trading post in the mid-1700s. With its harbour it was a fishing port and key centre for agricultural trade.

Later on, with the railway coming through, other industries flourished with the St. Lawrence Starch Works, and the Port Credit Brickyard (both businesses are no longer in existence, however one building of the St. Lawrence Starch Works remains on Lakeshore Road).

With Lakeshore Highway built along the shoreline, a link between Toronto and Port Credit was created. Many saw this area as very attractive for business, tourism and shopping in the early 1900s.

It was a community that grew up into a small village, sustained by business and by luring people from neighbouring communities for leisure activities.

A Vibrant Community Within Mississauga

Port Credit became part of Mississauga in 1974 when the city was incorporated. What it brings to the city of Mississauga is a very long tradition of community activity. When you visit, you know you are entering a distinct area. Local residents and businesses identify themselves as living in “Port Credit”, rather than just Mississauga.

There’s a sense of pride in the community. This is most evident during various festivals celebrated annually, including the Waterfront Festival (held at the end of June, with always a great musical act headlining such as Bedouin Soundclash in 2010; Sam Roberts the year before); the Port Credit In-Water Boat Show (August 26-28, 2011) held at the Port Credit Marina; and Southside Shuffle blues and jazz festival (held in September).

So why visit Port Credit at any time of the year?


There are numerous restaurants and lounges to choose from in Port Credit. It’s becoming one of the top areas for dining as well as night life in Mississauga.

There are pubs such as the Pump House Grill, fast food-type places such as Burrito Boyz, and fine-dining venues such as Shore Grill and Aielli.

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A delicious burger at Port 229, on Lakeshore Rd, east of Hurontario St.


Visit Port Credit

One of the great spots to grab a bite to eat in Port Credit – Pump House Grille now has a patio that is very busy in the summer.

In the past few years several new cool venues have moved into the Port Credit area including Spice Lounge and Tapas.

Shopping, People-Watching, Walking & Cycling

Apart from dining, there are many small shops. Check out specialty gift shops, art shops, women’s fashion and pet shops.

Port Credit is also a hot spot for those with active lifestyles. The Waterfront Trail, wending its way dalong the shore and marina in Port Credit and into the small residential streets, is the ideal spot for cyclists, walking enthusiasts and rollerbladers.

During the hot summer nights, Port Credit Marina and the walk down to where the river meets Lake Ontario are packed with people. It’s a great spot to sit and people-watch, go on a first date and watch the sun set behind the Port Credit lighthouse.

Even during the winter, Port Credit has its appeal. The frozen, empty marina offers photographers with stark visuals. Bars such as Roc ‘n Doc’s make for cozy spots for a pint, pub grub and live music.

Small Town Feel in A Big City

Like in the early 1900s, Port Credit remains an escape for Torontonians – away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, with a community atmosphere and so many attractions. Even residents from other parts of Mississauga are lured to the variety of places to visit in this area.

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Photo of the lighthouse in Port Credit by Lam Chihang

With so many things to do in Port Credit, give yourself at least half a day to walk around, explore, dine and shop.

What’s your favourite place to visit in Port Credit? Favourite restaurant/bar?

Updated November 27, 2017

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