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Southern Ontario Ice Storm 2013

GTA and Southern Ontario Ice Storm 2013 – A Week Later

About a week after the GTA and Southern Ontario Ice Storm that coated trees with inches of ice, caused massive power outages and disrupted Christmas celebrations, we were still seeing the extensive damage in some areas.

Taking a drive in the northern part of Burlington, through Lowville and Flamborough one week after the ice storm, we saw many trees either snapped or bowing down almost to the ground; branches littering the ground everywhere and small chunks of ice on the side of the road where pieces have fallen off the trees creating a glistening gravel.

Some homes in these rural areas are still without power and stand dark and empty… no cars or trucks in the driveways as people have headed to visit friends and family to keep warm.

During our drive, crews removing trees and fixing power lines were a common sight, and we could see the tiredness on their faces. They are working hard and around the clock to repair the damage. Some roads like Cedar Springs Road are blocked to traffic, indicating damage ahead.

The ice storm and consequent fresh flurries of snow have left the landscape looking definitively like a winter wonderland. It’s beautiful and a reminder of the ‘good old days” when Canadian winters, even in Southern Ontario, were full of snowbanks, icicles and chilly temperatures. However, it’s also reminded us the power of Mother Nature to do damage and disrupt our lives.

A few photos from the drive today, taken via iPhone:

Southern Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Southern Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Southern Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Southern Ontario Ice Storm 2013

What did you do during the Southern Ontario ice storm? Were you affected?


  1. I went for a walk in my neighborhood, climbing over branches, sliding on ice, until I wondered if this was an act of folly. Even today, with the ice chunks falling down I had my doubts. I took some of the best photos of winter I’ve ever taken, the crystalline images lend themselves to that. Luckily we didn’t lose power but many in my circle did. I wish I could still enjoy winter but to me it’s just hard work! Maybe rent the cross country skis at Hilton Falls one weekend….

  2. Glad to hear you didn’t get hit by any falling branches or ice chunks. I saw a few people venturing out today into the woods to take photos. Scary to be out there if you aren’t keeping an eye out for falling branches!

  3. What a crazy storm it was.
    I am grateful to have had power through out the ordeal. My parents were with out it for 5 days and they are still with out cable and internet. Sad really…

    The one thing I have to say is that after the storm passed it was beautiful. There are so many incredible pictures of ice covered Christmas ornaments and branches in the sunlight.

    Glad you guys are ok. Great post and lovely pictures.


    • I saw your photos from your condo – what a scene from a completely different point of view! Thank you for your compliment.

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