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Birds at LaSalle Park

Wildlife photographer’s winter paradise at LaSalle Park

Visiting LaSalle Park in Burlington, Ontario in the middle of winter, you’d expect to hear silence and perhaps the occasional sound of a kid enjoying tobogganing down its one big hill. Yet, what you hear as you step out of your car is a loud squawking from the shoreline. The birds at LaSalle Park are a constant feature that attracts many to the shore, including those with cameras.

For amateur and professional wildlife photographers, there is no lack of subjects to shoot along the lake shore. Well over a hundred ducks, geese and swans can be found either swimming or wandering up on the beach to see if they can get a snack from park visitors.

Getting up close to one means you risk them getting upset and chasing after you, so a zoom lens is handy. Sometimes the best shot takes a bit of time, as you try to avoid the constantly moving birds who get in the way.

If not a fan of the feathered kind, you can enjoy snapping photos of the fuzzy, fat squirrels that scurry around and on the boardwalk that runs parallel to the shore.

LaSalle Park is just west of downtown Burlington with ample parking.

Have you visited the bird at LaSalle Park and photographed them? Share your link to your photos and tell us about your experience.

LaSalle Park
134 North Shore Blvd E
Burlington, ON


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